Explore the Nordic lifestyle,

the undiscovered breathtaking nature and the sound of silence from the untouched wilderness.
In the centre of Swedish Lapland, surrounded by six National Parks, one of Europe’s oldest forests and the world heritage Laponia, we have the absolute greatest opportunities possible.

Take a walk in the Arctic nature surrounded by eagles and buzzards. 
Stand in the middle of the glittering winter landscape and see the northern lights dancing close to you. Experience the magic when spring turns to summer and nature comes to life after the long cold period. Visit the old forest and see capercaillie, freely roaming reindeer and moose illuminated by the midnight sun. Watch the autumn coloring the nature from green to spectacular orange and deep red.
By customizing every stay according to our guests´ wishes, we ensure that you get the most out of your time in Lapland and get the right experience just for you.

Welcome to spend a relaxing night in one of our cabins, discover tailor maid activities and be part of the nature in the most magical moments.


Tours & packages

Weekend paket för två personer

Weekend paket för två personer

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Want more experience?

By customising every tour with the customer’s wishes and needs in mind, we ensure that you get the most out of the tour and get the totally right experience just for you. 

Are you ready to experience the wilderness, be a part of nature in the most magical moments ? 

We bring you there!

Huskys take you to the adventure over the frozen lake to the middle of the snowy forest. Enjoy of the journey by the strong and excited polar dogs, who loves to work together as a team.

Experience the miracle of the North, dancing Northern Lights. The moment leaves you speechless. As soon as the sun sets, there is a change to see this phenomenon. Together we plan the tour that fits you the best. If the local weather is not optimal we chase the best location possible for you.

Experience the snowy landscape by snowmobile. Drive on a frozen lake to the beautiful wilderness and up to the snowy hilltops. Pass by the roaming reindeers and other wild animals. Take a break by the warming campfire and enjoy lunch under the sky on the reindeer fells. The tours can be adapted to how adventurous you want to be.

During the evening safari experience the magic of the dancing Northern lights. Together with the moon and the stars the dark winter night get alive and light up the beautiful landscape.

Enjoy three-course wilderness dinner surrounded by the wonderful nature. Depending of the season we plan the trip to the forest by boat, squat, hiking, husky sled or snowmobile. Taste the flavors of the current season and the luxury of the surrounded nature which provides us local ingredients from lakes and forest. 

In summertime drink crystal clear, clean and fresh water directly from the spring. The forest is filled with treats, pick up different kind of berries like blueberries directly from the bushes or various mushrooms like chanterelles or truffles. Hear the sound of birds and just relax.

In wintertime when everything is white and covered by snow, drill a hole to the frozen lake and try your luck for catching a trout or an arctic char.

The Sauna is a big part of Lapland tradition. It´s is a wonderful place to relax and watch the peaceful lake view. The wood fired sauna experience is included to your stay. After the experience you won´t wonder why we have fall in love to this tradition.

Outdoor activities like snowshoe hiking is a fantastic way of experiencing the winter landscape. On snowshoes you move easily over glittering snow and you are able to get the forest closer to you.

Ice-skating on the frozen lake just walking distance from the cabin is a lovely experience in a crispy winter day. Drink hot chocolate from the traditional wooden cup “Kåsa” on the reindeer fells and just let your eyes enjoy at the stunning views.

Our starting point is Tjautjas, a strategically perfect place located in the centre of Lapland. An area that tourist groups haven´t founded yet. Get the opportunity to get the photo of your lifetime of the flying eagles, roaming reindeers and elks. Capture the stunning Northern Lights from the highest point of the village or from the frozen lake, we guide you to find the best place according the weather.

By car we reach beautiful, undiscovered places nearby the village. Stora Sjöfallet National Park, is a dream place for wildlife and landscape photographers, who want to capture a photo that no one else has taken before. Most probably you meet more reindeers than people on your adventure to the wilderness. You will fall in love to the unique mountain landscape already from the car.  A wonderful landscape with small mountains rising above the old forest.

Choose the best spot for you from the various places and spend unforgettable time in the wilderness. To get more in to the wilderness and get an experience of your lifetime, take a helicopter flight and experience the landscape from the bird view.

Visit the king of the forest and create a close connection between nature and you. Learn everything about these huge animals while visiting the Moose Park.

Tjautjas village serves perfect place for small hiking tours during the day or overnight in a tent. Far away from traffic sounds, just the silence and the peace of the nature. Walk up on the small mountains and see the stunning views over the village.  

Stora Sjöfallet National Park, is a dream place for trekking lovers. You will fall in love to the unique mountain landscape already from the car on the way to the starting point. Choose the best length for you from the various tracks and spend unforgettable time in the wilderness together with a guide or by yourself. To get more in to the wilderness and get an experience of your lifetime, take a helicopter flight and connect to the nature without mobile phones. Spend unforgettable night in the stunning National Park. Security is guaranteed by satellite phone or our present if you feel so.

Experience Swedish nature and discover the village from the 11kilometres long lake while paddling in calm waters. Go up to the islands and have a break for “Swedish fika” on a sandy beach. In hot summer days cool down swimming in the lake. 

Experience the magical never-ending summer days on a midnight sun tour in the nature. The phenomenon when sun never sets it´s possible to explore during the beginning of June until the beginning of the July.

Start your journey in the evening by boat or kayaks, see the reflection of the sun in the dark lake. Take a little walk in the golden rays of the midnight sun. Enjoy of a delicious wilderness dinner in the middle of the night when the sun is still shining.

The most beautiful things in life are the people you love, the places you go and the memories you make. They are feelings and moments, smiles and happy tears. Those memories last a lifetime, and we happily help you to create them. From birthdays to engagements we arrange the moments by your wishes and together we create a beautiful and unforgettable moment of your life.

Today´s moments are tomorrow´s memories. Get a unique opportunity to capture the moments of your journey by professional photographer. You will get perfect souvenir to bring home, photos that turns to tell the story of your lifetime.


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Phone: + 46 (0)70-353 55 81

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Tjautjas 106
983 03 Koskullskulle, Sweden

Phone: + 46 (0)70-353 55 81

Email: info@auroralakelapland.com

Tjautjas 106
983 03 Koskullskulle, Sweden

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