Experience the beauty of Swedish Lapland through our tailor-made and private activities all year round.

Are you ready to experience the wilderness, be a part of nature in the most magical moments ?  We bring you there!

  • Snowmobile safari
  • Snow shoe hiking
  • Aurora tour
  • Sled dog tour
  • Arctic sauna
  • Moose park
  • Visit the National Park
  • Photo tours
  • Kayak
  • Helicopter tour

Snowmobile safari

Experience the snowy landscape by snowmobile. Drive on a frozen lake to the beautiful forest and up to the snowy hilltops. Pass by the roaming reindeers and other wild animals. Take a break by the warming campfire and enjoy lunch under the sky on the reindeer fur. The tours can be adapted to how adventurous you want to be.

During the evening safari experience the magic of the dancing Northern Lights. Together with the moon and the stars the dark winter night gets alive and light up the beautiful landscape.

Available from December to May

Snowshoeing experience

Outdoor activities like snowshoe hiking is fantastic way of experiencing the winter landscape. On snowshoes youmove easily over untouched glittering snow and you are able to get the forest closer to you.

Aurora tour

Experience the miracle of the North, dancing Northern Lights. The moment leaves you speechless. As soon as the sun sets, there is a chance to see this phenomenon. The location of the Aurora Lake Lapland has perfect conditions for seeing the Northern Lights, barely any light pollution, free sight from the West to the North East and good possibility for the clear sky. If the local weather is not optimal we chase the best location possible for you. The best of the Aurora Tour is that it includes a professional photographer who will capture this moment and will create stunning and beautiful memories for you. Together we plan the tour that fits you the best.

Available from late August to April

Fascinating Dogsledding tour

Meet the adorable polar dogs at Aurora Lake Lapland and experience their excitement of the coming tour. You will have plenty of time getting to know all of them and you are able to participate to prepare them for the ride. Huskiestake you to the tailor-made adventure over the frozen lake to the middle of the snowy and sparkling forest. Enjoy ofthe journey by the strong and excited polar dogs, who loves to work together as a team.

Arctic sauna 

The Sauna is big part of Lapland tradition. It´s wonderful place to relax in the gentle heat of the sauna and watch the peaceful lake view. Treat yourself with the Arctic spa kit and if you dare plunge into the icy-water for the ultimate relaxation.  

In summer take a refreshing dip in a clear lake. After the experience you won´t wonder why the locals have fall in love to this tradition. 

Arctic sauna experience is available all year round and dipping to icy-water from December to March

The Arctic spa kit includes foot treatment, facial mask, traditional sauna whisk and cold berry drinks.  

Moose Park

Visit the king of the forest and create a close connection between nature and you. Learn everything about these hugeanimals while visiting the Moose Park.

Available all year round

Visiting the stunning National Parks

Follow for a tour to the stunning National Parks. A varied mountain landscape and one of the Europe´s oldest pine forest offers much to see and discover. We tailormade the trip according the season and your wishes. In wintertime we bring the snowshoes with us and you will be able to do small hikes to the glittering and icy scenery. In this peaceful area it´s more common to meet with the wildlife like reindeer and eagles, than with other people. In summer being above the Arctic Circle it allows us to enjoy full days of sunlight while we explore the National Parks. We take you to the most outstanding treks with beautiful waterfalls hidden in untouched nature. Explore the incredible valley by kayaks and spend a day paddling and having an amazing picnic on the sandy beach.


Wildlife and landscape photo tour

Our starting point is Tjautjas, a strategically perfect place located in the centre of Lapland. An area that tourist groupshaven´t founded yet. Get the opportunity to get the photo of your lifetime of the flying eagles, roaming reindeers and elks. Capture the stunning Northern Lights from the highest point of the village or from the frozen lake, we guide youto find the best place according the weather.

By car we reach beautiful, undiscovered places nearby the village. Stora Sjöfallet National Park, is a dream place for wildlife and landscape photographers, who want to capture a photo that no one else has taken before. Most probablyyou meet more reindeers than people on your adventure to the wilderness. You will fall in love to the unique mountainlandscape already from the car.  A varied mountain landscape and one of the Europe´s oldest pine forest offers muchto see and discover.  

Choose the best spot for you from the various places and spend unforgettable time in the wilderness. To get more in to the wilderness and get an experience of your lifetime, take a helicopter flight and experience the landscape from the bird view.

Available all year around


Experience Swedish nature and discover the village from the 11kilometres long lake while paddling in calm waters. Go up to the islands and have a break for coffee and something sweet on a sandy beach, the tradition that swedes are used to call “Swedish fika”. In hot summer days cool down swimming in the lake. A perfect way to enjoy the day.

Available from June to September

See all the beauty Swedish Lapland has to offer from above. In collaboration with Fiskflyg, we offer helicopter tours of all kinds. Round trips, transports and photo trips.