Aurora Lake Lapland – one-of-a-kind way to experience Swedish Lapland

Private and tailor-made stay. 

Our pearl Aurora Lake Lapland is located in a small village called Tjautjas, 100km north of the Arctic Circle. The village of many lakes, surrounded by low mountains in the middle of untouched nature. Ideal place for Northern Light hunting and arctic activities. Half an hour drive from the nearest town Gällivare and the Lapland Airport, which can easily be reached from Stockholm. Aurora Lake Lapland is a family business, owned and run by Magnus Winbjörk and Elina Keskimölö.  Magnus is a professional photographer and behind all our beautiful photos. From his Instagram account @winbjorkphoto it is possible to see more stunning photos from Swedish Lapland and get inspired.

We have had amazing people visiting Aurora Lake Lapland. People who are adventurous, open-minded and full of joy of life. People whose eyes start to sparkle and smile when they jump on the snow mobile and drive for the first time. People who make us feel grateful and curious about other cultures. People who sit down and enjoy dinner with us and suddenly they start to feel like a part of the family. People who make us smile with tears in our eyes when it´s time to say goodbye at the airport. They say words that make us understand that this is what we are meant to do. Words that make us want to offer the greatest experience to all of our guests.  

You are not just a tourist to us. You are someone we happily want to get to know and share our Arctic lifestyle with. Let´s make your dreams come true!